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Re: Bug#153104: apache-ssl: init script outputs extraneous gerbage on start

Joey Hess said:
> This looks really grody and violates the console message standard.

I've been trying to figure out "grody".  The best I can think of is that
Joey's fingers strayed too far to the right and he meant to say "feist",
but I'm not sure that makes much sense either.  (Raymond E Feist?  I've
met him, he's short and kinda round-looking.  Didn't look like any kind
of console message I'd ever seen.)

Though, seriously: Joey's right, it looks ugly and apache-ssl isn't the
only package that does it.  where's this console message standard
documented, and where is init script stuff supposed to go if not to
/dev/null or to the STDOUT of the script's environemnt?


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