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virtual web

I try to configure in my apache webserver with configuration :

    <VirtualHost www.domain1.com>
    DocumentRoot /www/domain1
    ServerName www.domain1.com

    <VirtualHost www.domain2.com>
    DocumentRoot /www/domain2
    ServerName www.domain2.com

When i restart, the apache is not error or any error comment, but when i
try to browse domain1 and domain2 in my browser the content of domain1 and
domain2 are the same that's only directori domain1

My browser is using internal IP address 192.168.1.x and using opera 5.2 or
IE 5.x

What's wrong with my configuration. I try to using the IP base but i don't
have many more the ip address.

Thank all,

Aku Michico

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