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Re: apache-ssl_1.3.23.1+1.45-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED

Am Son, 2002-02-17 um 02.17 schrieb Debian Installer:
> Accepted:
> apache-ssl_1.3.23.1+1.45-1.diff.gz
>   to pool/non-US/main/a/apache-ssl/apache-ssl_1.3.23.1+1.45-1.diff.gz
> apache-ssl_1.3.23.1+1.45-1.dsc
>   to pool/non-US/main/a/apache-ssl/apache-ssl_1.3.23.1+1.45-1.dsc
> apache-ssl_1.3.23.1+1.45-1_i386.deb
>   to pool/non-US/main/a/apache-ssl/apache-ssl_1.3.23.1+1.45-1_i386.deb
> apache-ssl_1.3.23.1+1.45.orig.tar.gz
>   to pool/non-US/main/a/apache-ssl/apache-ssl_1.3.23.1+1.45.orig.tar.gz
> Announcing to debian-devel-changes@lists.debian.org
> Closing bugs: 133693 133816 

I made an upload of apache-ssl to get in line with apache. With this
release I changed the maintainer field to
debian-apache@lists.debian.org. I am in the Uploaders field.

We really need to get the patches for apache-ssl into apache. I was a
real mess to get it working as a patch to apache with the way apache
gets build. The first step was to patch the SSLpatch to get it into the
debianized apache sources. After that I had to write a patch which would
patch the upstream eapi.patch to make it go into the archive. This is
really crazy. It took me a whole day to get everything working correctly


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