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Bug #93413

Multiviews is switched on for the cgi-bin folder. As no file extension is
being provided in the request apache is selecting the "best" file to run.

There is then no Handler specified for .sh files so the file is just being
sent back to the browser. It seems the "ScriptAlias" is being forgotten.

Not had a chance to test, but possible work-arounds are:

1) Turn off Multiviews for your cgi-bin:

<Directory /path/to/cgi-bin>
  Options -MultiViews

2) Add a handler for .sh files

  AddHandler cgi-script .sh

This bug matches bug #7193 at bugs.apache.org so should be flagged



* Tracking #: FB8DFE20871FD6119EF900A0C98331C28EAADA4D

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