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Apache bugs flagged help

Following this weeks Debian weekly news I've had a nosy at the QA page for
bugs flagged help.


#25159: apache: apacheconfig should correct BrowserMatch directive
Severity: normal
Tags: help wontfix

Firstly the current version of apache in "stable" is 1.3.9 and the problem
would only be an issue if upgrading from 1.2 version of apache so is this
really still a current bug?

Secondly this is a problem with the order that things appear in the apache
config file - that wouldn't seem to be something that apacheconfig should be

#90606: Strange problem...
Severity: normal
Tags: help

This sounds more like a local problem - apache/mysql/php4 is a fairly common
set of packages for installation. I would expect it to be something in the
particular scripts being ran that's causing the problem.


* Tracking #: 6DD7B370B21BD6119EF500A0C98331C2B1E7F6FB

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