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Re: Request re: plugged upload pipeline

> If someone who knows what's going on would send a)a notice to debian users 
> and developers summarizing the current situation, and b)another notice 
> when the problem is resolved, I think efficiency would be improved on a lot
> of fronts.  

Well, Mike Dorman had already written something up describing the
situation but I guess he hasn't sent it yet.  Here's the scoop.

Some things have come up and our regular archive maintainer is no
longer able to handle the archive.  Mike Dorman and I moved all of the
important packages and many others out of the Incoming directory
yesterday and today.  Many of the files have already been picked up by
the mirrors and the rest should be picked up tonight.  Mike and I will
continue to work the archive for the rest of this week.  We already
have several volunteers to pick up the archive duties and Bruce Perens
will pick one or two of them to take over permanently when he gets
back next week.

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david@ods.com                      1101 E. Arapaho Road
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