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IRC meeting minutes

2020-10-29 cdesai, mimi89999, The_LoudSpeaker, samyak, _hc, emorrp1, srestha, seamlik


no active contributors yet, only a couple of queries

srestha: Is there any beginners issue that I could maybe fix before the Outreachy application ends?
    you can try to build gradle and kotlin following instructions from their resp issue trackers
    or build android-platform-build-kati, apksign or libsmali and upload the results somewhere
    new upstream version and uscan errors related packages should be good newbie tasks?
    https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=android-tools-devel%40lists.alioth.debian.org (watch column)


build blockers

#31 kotlinx-metadata-* is missing
    kotlinx-metadata-jvm now builds and creates 2 jar files, but one is needed
    samyak: can look into this over the weekend
    !8 quick packaging fixes
    !9 Build kotlinx-metadata

#34 kotlin-reflect.jar classpath

further work

#29 buildSrc.kotlin.version property is not correctly used by gradle build
#30 the target kotlin version is still cosmetically 1.3.30 rather than 1.3.31
    correct the jar name in debian/kotlin.poms
    emorrp1: oh I'm sure that would fix it for now, I'm just thinking future maintenance


no change, main thread is #16, but can discuss blockers in individual issues
#32 gradle depends on its own kotlin-dsl
#33 gradle-enterprise-gradle-plugin is required


really now onwards? let's try to finish this years projects first. XD
next GSoC will have only 10 weeks of coding phase
easier for candidates to finish before college, but need to find smaller projects

availability during freeze

samyak: yes, finishing my second last semester
cdesai: should have some time too. busy with android 11 at work atm
The_LoudSpeaker: available starting mid december.
emorrp1: looking forward to it :)

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