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Second Android Tools Team Monthly Meeting

Hiiii Team,

The last Thursday of this month is about to knock on the doorstep. Hence, the time for the meet \0/
More precisely, the second monthly meeting is scheduled for October 29, 14:00 UTC (Thursday).

Please acknowledge by replying back to the same thread who all will be joining us for the second monthly meeting. And, feel free to add agendas to the mail.

Those who are joining us for the first time, join #debian-android-tools on OFTC. In case of
any queries, please feel free to mail back or tag me on the channel. :D

Hope to see you all there at the meeting. :)

AGENDAS: (tentative)
>> What all happened after the first meeting?
>> Update on kotlin (sorry, I got sick :P)
>> Update on Gradle

Thanks and regards
Samyak Jain

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