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Archiving the attic folders from d-i for ports

(Re-send because I forgot debian-ports-devel@alioth is dead,
 please reply to debian-boot@)


I was pointed at Steve's mail yesterday mentioning that he moved
the non-attic repositories of debian-installer to salsa [1].

Since there are still some repositories that we need for debian-ports
in the attic, I was wondering whether we should take care of the
attic stuff and move it over to salsa or github.

FWIW, we are in the progress of moving the sparc* and ppc* ports
which aren't on GRUB yet fully over. In fact, GRUB works fine on
all SPARC boxes we have tested so far, so at least silo-installer
won't be needed anymore in the future. Still, I think we should
archive everything.


> [1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2018/04/msg00253.html

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