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Re: Booting in text mode

On Thu, Nov 24, 2016 at 03:58:51PM +0100, Francesco Pietra wrote:
Having upgraded amd64/gnome to jessie, booting occurs graphically while I want
graphics to come only when absolutely needed. Also, nautilus of gnome3 is
absolutely hostile to scientific use as a quick replacement of shell commands.
Too "intelligent". All that toward mass use, ok, but where is a recipe to boot
in text mode? My old, simple .Xsession and killing gdm do not work anymore and
I am short of time for such issues .

The preferred method for this, under systemd is to run:

# systemctl set-default multi-user.target

This should set the default boot mode to non-graphical, multi-user mode.

When you're ready to start graphical mode, run:

# systemctl isolate graphical.target

(You could, of course, try simply running the x-display-manager of your choice, but by switching target, any other units that are required for graphical mode are also run).

Or give an alternative to replace gnome3 with xfce. The latter on my work
station allows booting in text mode and its file manager is not too
intelligent, just useful for scientific use.


francesco pietra

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