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Re: Debian installer and raid0

Francesco Pietra <chiendarret@gmail.com> escribió:

Thanks. Does it also deal with grub in a mirror raid? I downloaded the
disks but the information about them is very sparse.


It supports LVM and RAID, try the disk with a different machine first
so you know the options before you need it during an emergency.

You should try to create a virtual machine with two virtual disks, and
install with raid1, just like your setup, in a regular PC, just for

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 9:45 PM, <cacho@genac.org> wrote:

Francesco Pietra <chiendarret@gmail.com> escribió:

I hope not to bother beyond the limit, but the security of mirror raid is
something of utmost importance, at least in my work of biochemist, with
very limited ability in recovering from disk failures.

Francesco, you might want to keep a copy of a rescue CD around, I´ve had
good results with "super grub2 disk", you can find it at

It doesn´t solve your current problem, but it could help you boot your
system if you have grub issues.


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