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Re: Debian installer and raid0

Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Did you use a recent version of the installer? What I would like to know -
> before reinstalling everything on my servers - is whether the option to set
> grub on both disks of raid 0 has now been introduced.

I recall that it has been added with Wheezy.  But let me put forward
that it doesn't really matter.  If you have RAID then you know you
want grub on both disks.  After installing simply run the grub install
script against both disks manually and then you will be assured that
it has been installed on both disks.

I agree with the other responder.  It is unlikely IMNHO that you want
RAID0 (striping) for the system disk.  You most likely want RAID1
(mirroring) instead.  The answer above is the same regardless.  If you
are thinking striping for performance instead I recommend using an SSD
for the system disk.


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