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Re: RedHat or Debian amd64

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 06:11:31PM +0200, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Hi Lennart:
> I forgot that what is found on supercomputers might result also from what
> you say.
> I found it problematic to compile a code for molecular dynamics (MD)
> inclusive of an elaborate plugin. Better, I succeeded when only the
> simplest part of the plugin was implemented, getting a valid MD executable.
> In contrast, implementing the whole plugin resulted in a MD executable that
> fails to recognize the GTX-680cards of my machine. Calls to the forum for
> both the MD code and the plugin had ho answer. Those of the MD code do not
> like the plugin (as they have the simplest part of it already hard coded
> their own way), while those of the plugin do not know that MD code, they
> use another one.
> Then, I heard that at the supercomputer center of my country (where I
> should run the project, but I need to go there with a system that "runs")
> even GPU machines run that full plugin. Before asking them how they
> succeeded, I was wondering about the different Linux OSs. I am now curious
> about their answer, if any.

Really the only difference between distributions is their packaging
system, their support infastructure, their release schedule/policy, and
how up to date the software is and what software they offer packages for.

Len Sorensen

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