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Re: RedHat or Debian amd64

On 06/26/2013 10:40 AM, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 04:33:20PM +0200, Francesco Pietra wrote:
I noticed that in my country supercomputer center all machines, both CPU
(FERMI) and GPU (AURORA, PLX) run on RedHat Linux. As a long time user of
Debian GNU Linux amd64, I am curious whether such machines elsewhere also
run, or could run, on Debian am64. If not, why? A problem of kernel?
Some people want someone to blame if there are problems, or to demand
support from if they need something solved right away.  Redhat will sell
you support contracts and will solve problems.  But you pay for it.

If you like doing it yourself or to solve things by cooporating with
the community instead, then Debian works great.

I certainly have the impression that locations that have their own IT
people that understand the system and want to be in control of their
own situation tend to run Debian (or a Debian derived system), while
those that just want things solved and don't care to have the expertise
themselves tend to run Redhat enterprise linux instead.  After all if
you have the people and a large installation, the support contract with
redhat could pay for a lot of competent IT staff.

Frankly it's like dredging up the Microsoft versus open source debate, Microsoft /Redhat answer the questions atr the end user/client beckon call where as Debian or other open source /crowd sourced projects take the mailing list and fourm based support approach. IMHO i think the truly community driven alternative software in general is a very educational and democratic way to distribute, manage and maintain superior Information Systems/ Information technology products. All of this bbeing said I under stand however that in the modern corporate is/it infomation these decisions are made based upon the venders ability to solve problems asap thus maintaining a maximum up time , quasi low cost and maximum cost total cost of owner ship

For me the migration to Debian/OSS was easy i wanted to get the amximum life span for my equipment dollar and trust me after putting darn near half a grand on my current lap top machine and 8gb of ram (crucial/micron technologies). I settled on Debian and opensource software for good.

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