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Re: RAID1 all bootable

Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Alexandru Cardaniuc wrote:
> > > Did I miss something during the debian installation? Why wasn't grub
> > > automatically installed on both disks?
> >
> > Seems like it should have been.  I would file a bug against the
> > debian-installer or installation-reports.
> I started this thread not because grub on both disks should be by default
> but because I found difficulties in recovering. If I performed badly, and
> there is no problem in installing grub on the working disk, then I see no
> problem. There are many raids, not limited to raid1. Perhaps it is because
> of this that there is no default for raid1.

Hi Francesco.  For you I think the best suggestion was to use the
debian installer in rescue mode.  That is what I would have done.
That is one of the tasks it is there for.  Better to have things
working correctly on both disks.  But if that fails then using rescue
mode will allow an easy recovery too.

But if Alexandru is also seeing this and the bootloader isn't being
installed upon both disks when raid is configured by the installer
then I think that would still be a bug in the installer.

But I know I have seen the installer screen ask for the list of disks
to install the bootloader.  It has been a while and I don't recall
where exactly.  It might have only been in expert mode.  In any case
it seems like it should do this correctly when it is configuring
raid.  If someone had the time to investigate with a test installation
and then either filing a bug or an information update.  I lack the
resources at this moment however.


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