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Re: After a few weeks of almost no issues, Wheezy doesn't boot anymore

10.05.2013 05:04, Harry Prevor пишет:
> The normal images didn't work
> for some reason now forgotten, so I had to use the unofficial
> installation images that included nonfree drivers.
What are the drivers?

> please mute the audio
Interesting music... :-)

> Any ideas as to how to debug this? I could probably burn a live Debian
> USB to debug the issue but I suspect that the live system would not
> work without the proprietary drivers included in the system.
How did you install the system? From DVD or from network? Or in some other way?
Could you boot from install DVD, for example, enter in the rescue mode, then
mount /var partition of your system and copy /var/log/messages, /var/log/syslog
(and send to list, of course)?

> - Two HDDs connected and set via /etc/fstab to mount on boot (this
> configuration worked in previous boots so I doubt that is the issue)

Please, write about your partition table and filesystems.
And what are you have changed in the system before it crashed?

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