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Re: is my source.list file out of date.......

> Is the debian-volatile repository redundant now?   If it is would I
> just delete it or could I put something else in there.

According to
debian-volatile IS gone now. However, you have squeeze/updates in your
sources.list, so you already have the replacement. You should probably
delete the volatile lines.

OK I will get rid of the volatile link....

> I am running Debian Squeeze on an AMD 64 machine.
> I recently took the hard drive out of the old AMD64 box and stuck in a
> new box with a newer motherboard in it.    The OS still runs but I
> probably freaked it a bit.  Firestarter seems not to work now.

Probably, spotting a new network card, udev has given you a new
interface in persistent-net-rules. Firestarter may be expecting to
firewall, say, eth0 but you're currently using eth1.

Check your network interfaces ('ip addr' and 'ip route' will help). If
you want, you can delete /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and
restart udev to re-number your interfaces.

I could try this, but some other little naughties crept in when I tried downloading some squeeze updates.  After installing them and rebooting, Grub can't seem to see the separate windows 7 drive I have any more.   Maybe that would also be fixable with another deletion of some stuff and a reinstallation of a few packages but I am also wondering if there might be other time bombs that will be ticking away because I surrounded the hard drive with a new motherboard all of a sudden.....    Windows 7 did fire up but it couldn't read the network card so the internet connection failed so debian got definite brownie points there.  The new box is so new that it can't use the old IDE optical drive I had so I had to get a SATA one.  I put it in and Windows 7 did recognise it.   The computer supplier had sent a DVD with the driver for the network card and I loaded it on and this fixed the problem.   For some reason Windows 7 doesn't seem to automatically turn its firewall on.   I had to do this manually once I noticed the network card hard begun to work.
I reckon it could be an idea to hook up the SATA cable to the debian drive, reboot and then back up the work files I have to a DVD and then reinstall debian and configure GRUB to see the Windows 7 drive again.    Then I think everything should work normally.

Thanks for the help here.

> Suggestions on getting it used to what I did welcome.
> The new motherboard is a GA-A55M-S2V model and an AMD A 3400 chip.
> Regards
> Michael Fothergill

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