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Re: a few dumb questions about wine

29.12.2011 18:43, Michael Fothergill пишет:
Dear Folks,

I tried using wine after a long time. I installed it using synaptic and nosed around to see what had happened. I am running squeeze amd64 on a newish amd64 novatech box.

I noticed that under the system tools menu window a wine configuration icon appeared. I clicked on it and I got a little window appearing asking for lib32ns-mdns to be installed to allow internet compatability. I installed it.

I also googled about for instructions on using wine. Some sites said that the version of wine available in the debian respository was older than the latest versions of wine and recommended some solutions to this.

All I want to do is run MSOffice 2010 using it.
In order to run MS Office 2010 you need not so old wine. You can build wine 1.3.x from source or get it from

deb http://frickelplatz.de/debian sid main contrib non-free

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