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Re: Unusable windows

On December 25, 2011 05:54:59 PM Gilles Sadowski wrote:
> Hello.
> I apologize in advance for posting here, but I'm at a loss even figuring
> out where to report the situation I'm facing after my latest attempts to
> upgrade my system.  Maybe people here will have an idea of which package
> is the likely culprit of the following symptoms.

You need to provide more information:

Which Debian versions or archives are you upgrading from and to?

What is your upgrade history?
(i.e., daily from Unstable or Testing, Unstable every 6 months, Stable to 
Testing or Unstable, etc.)

Have you installed any backports or non-Debian packages?

Which desktop environment are you using?

Exactly which apps are affected and which are not?
(there may be a pattern)

> Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction by naming a
> package against which to file a bug report, or providing a hint a how to
> solve the problem.

Even with the above information it may not be possible to determine what the 
problem is--be prepared to post config files, logs, output of commands, etc.

I think you should post to the debian-user mailing list so you reach a wider 
audience... once the problem has been narrowed down to a specific 
subsystem/class (e.g., X, GTK apps) or determined to be architecture specific 
(e.g., x86_64 boxes) be prepared to post what you've discovered to the 
appropriate mailing list(s).

HTH, and good luck.

- Bruce

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