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Unusable windows


I apologize in advance for posting here, but I'm at a loss even figuring out
where to report the situation I'm facing after my latest attempts to upgrade
my system.  Maybe people here will have an idea of which package is the
likely culprit of the following symptoms.

Launching kdm, and logging in (user name + password), everything seems to be
fine at first.
Logging out. The rectangular areas (where to write the user name and
password) have become black. [When "selecting" with the mouse, one can "see"
the login name.]
The input works; so, one can still log in.
Now, some application windows have a black background (e.g. iceape) and have
become unusable (e.g. the "buttons" in the navigator are barely visible) and
some seem to be transparent. For example, in a terminal window, the
background (root) image appears to be its background.
When logging out, and clicking on the "choice of session" button of the
login manager, there is a black stripe at the bottom of that rectangle.

I've tried to search on the web for similar situations but I could not find
anything relevant yet.

Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction by naming a
package against which to file a bug report, or providing a hint a how to
solve the problem.


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