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Re: What groups does a desktop power-user need to belong to?

It depends on how you define a power user.  If you are trying to have a user that can burn cds, cdrom is required.  If you have a remote user who is only going to update website files for apache, cdrom is pointless. 

I would define power users as members of the sudo group which has access to root by using their own passwords.  That gives them the ability to install software etc.  If concerned about the limits of how to minimize what they can do as root, you can explicitly limit that access by defining only what commands they can run using sudo for the group %sudo. 

It is also worth noting that I believe the group staff has permissions by default to install software in /usr/local.    As I said above though, power user really depends on the general tasks you have in mind for that machine. 


On 08/06/2011 12:32 PM, Karl Schmidt wrote:
I've googled a bit and not found satisfying answers - hope someone here can help.

What groups does a desktop power-user need to belong to?

Many of the groups are only used by the system (example shadow, - some of the groups are obviously of use for a desktop user ( cdrom, dialout ).

I have a list of these groups at:


But I want to sort them for desktop users, sys only and sysadmin.

Several groups would not be useful for any human user.

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