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Re: Invalid GART PTE entry errors during bulk data transfers

Jaap Hoetmer wrote:

> Recently I installed Debian Linux 6 (Squeeze, kernel 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1
> SMP) on an IBM eServer platform. The system has dual AMD Opteron
> processors.
> http://support.amd.com/us/Processor_TechDocs/26094.PDF
> On Page 333 I read:
> ------------------------------
> 12.10.1 GART Table Walk Error Reporting
--- 8<
> MC4_CTL[10] bit is set. AMD also recommends adding a setup option to the
> BIOS setup menu. The
> following should be displayed in the setup option:
> Gart Table Walk Error MC reporting: Disabled/Enabled.
> The default setting is disabled. The device driver developer may enable
> this function for
> implementation and testing purposes. Also, a help message should be
> added with this setup option.
> An example of the help message is:
> This option should remain disabled for normal operation.
> -----------------------------------
On Tyan (Opteron) Boards there is an Bios Option for Disable/Enable 
Debugging for Kernel/Driver developing.
And something like "Gart Table ECC reporting/logging".

Maybe eServer has something like that and can help.

Ciao Marco!
> I was going to suggest putting the machine in a plastic bag and
> then in a refrigerator.
That's obviously wrong. You'd put the computer in the refrigerator and the
refrigerator in the bag. Then you'd have a cool portable computer!!
		- Bulk Mail, in Openbsd-newbies@sfobug.org

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