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Re: 32 or 64 bits for the end user.

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 03:35:46PM +0000, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> Are there still significant end-user problems for 64-bit Debian?  The 
> machine has nvidia graphics on the motherboard (I believe).  My user is 
> likely to want to use flash, which has always been a problem in Linux, 
> but ... Is it still even more of a problem in 64-bit mode?

I can't speak to the nVidia graphics, since I bought Intel on this
motherboard (and two months later, AMD bought ATI and started releasing
specs), but 64-bit Flash works very well here.  I've used Iceweasel and
now use Chromium, and they both seem to work fine.

I haven't encountered any other problems on amd64/sid.

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