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Re: 32 or 64 bits for the end user.

On 03/21/2011 11:31 AM, Hendrik Boom wrote:
On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 10:53:00AM -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:

Been using 64-bit Sid for about 2 years.

64-bit Iceweasel 3.5.17 (in Sid) works great with Flash 10.2r152, but
v4.0 (b12 thru rc2 from Experimental, confirmed w/ Mozilla FF) has some
"inconsistencies" with Flash.  The 32 bit IW and FF 4.0 beta and rc
versions have no such problems.

Of course, they happen to be on (some) sites that I want to use...

So, when I reinstall Sid in the next few days (boot device is old and
spitting out SMART errors), I'm going to install 32-bits.  Once
stabilized with the nvidia drivers, I'll probably try a 64 bit kernel to
get a larger memory space for my processes (and to be cool).

Thanks.  This seems to be just the kind of intormation I need.  The
system will be running stable, or testing,

Then you probably won't have these problems.

                                           so the question becomes: will
these iceweasel vs flash problems impede iceweasel's transition to
testing.  My guess is that maybe it won't.

But it looks like 32-bit for normal use is my way to go; sticking 64-bit
as a dual-boot might help test when it's really ready.

Honestly, for my wife/kids' PC, I installed Ubuntu 10.04LTS with a few PPAs. This way, they get stable libraries but keep current with important user apps like FF, vlc, etc.

Since I prefer booting into the CLI and use startx, I stick w/ Sid.

Is multiarch on the hirizon yet?

The Far Horizon... :(

I prefer banana-flavored energy bars made from tofu.

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