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Re: debian system can't boot on "hp 385 g7" server

Em Quarta-feira 19 Janeiro 2011, às 13:13:21, kechen zhang escreveu:
> hello my friend,
>          i'm sorry to bother you,but i need your help ,and i don't know who
> can help me ...
>          Our company have bought 3 servers ,  " hp 385 g7 " , but there's
>  something wrong  after  i have installed   the debian lenny509,  when i
> reboot the box, the system stop at "booting the kernel " ,and uring the
> installing of finding the network, i met the problem "miss the file
> bnx2-09-4.0.5.fw ",then i can't drive the network card,i skipped,i think
> that don't matter,what's you opinion?
>     all the servers meet the same problem,i guess that may related with the
> CPU (AMD Opteron 6136), if not ,could you tell me what's the problem or
> something could help me .
>     i have called   HP support ,but they said they haven't tried to
> install  Debian on this server.
>     and could you tell me why can't debian install on some kinds of
> servers. thank you for your help .
>                             Marshall Zhang


Does the servers have a Broadcom NetXtreme II ethernet card?
If yes, do you have the 'firmware-bnx2' packaged installed?

I did install lenny in a dell that have this card, but it didn't cause the 
boot process to freeze.

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