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debian system can't boot on "hp 385 g7" server

hello my friend,
         i'm sorry to bother you,but i need your help ,and i don't know who can help me ...
         Our company have bought 3 servers ,  " hp 385 g7 " , but there's  something wrong  after  i have installed   the debian lenny509,  when i reboot the box, the system stop at "booting the kernel " ,and uring the installing of finding the network, i met the problem "miss the file bnx2-09-4.0.5.fw ",then i can't drive the network card,i skipped,i think that don't matter,what's you opinion?
    all the servers meet the same problem,i guess that may related with the CPU (AMD Opteron 6136), if not ,could you tell me what's the problem or something could help me .
    i have called   HP support ,but they said they haven't tried to   install  Debian on this server.
    and could you tell me why can't debian install on some kinds of servers.
           thank you for your help .
                                                                                                         Marshall Zhang        

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