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Re: How to configure DNS?

On 04/17/2010 05:03 AM, Jenei Gábor wrote:

I have the following problem: I configured well the net on Debian with
my home router and my wifi,but sometimes probably because of power save
options,the wifi card turns off I guess,and then the net disconnects.It
wouldn't be problem,because I can handle it with a simple ifconfig wlan0
down and ifconfig wlan0 up,after this I find the router,but none of the
distant adresses,so probably I have no set up DNS server.Is there any
trick to avoid system restart in this case?How could I set the DNS myself?

Thanks for your help,


This isn't really an amd64-specific problem, but a matter of getting
your network completely configured.  There are probably millions of
google hits when searching for this info.  Regardless, you will need
the IP address of at least one name server from your ISP.

You can set your name servers manually using the resolv.conf file.  Or,
you can specify them in /etc/network/interfaces.  Or, if you are using
Network Manager, you can specify the name servers you wish to use by editing your network configuration.

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