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Problems with java

Dear debian-team,
it seems, there is a big problem wioth java at the momement. Neither openjdk, 
nor sun-java6, nor gcj is possible to get access to the internet. I discovered 
this on some website, and with a java based application (tvbrowser). I tried 
update-alternatives --config java to switch between the different java 
versions., but only GIJ was working with the internet. 

I am no experienced with java, so it might be nice, if someon could take a 
look on it.

This behaviour appears only on 54-bit systems, on 32-bit systems everything is 
working well.

I can confirm this on my notebook, as well as on a notebook from a friend. Both 
computers are running debian-amd64/sid.

There is a bugreport by me for sun-java6-jre, but meanwhile I discovered the 
same bug on the other mentioned java-versions.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for all the work this year as well!

Best regards

Hans-J. Ullrich


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