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Re: ia32-aptitude vs. aptitude

Ernesto Domato wrote:
Hi, I like the idea of the ia32-* packages managed by the ia32-apt-get
package till multiarch is ready but I found that the amount of
packages to be upgraded differs from aptitude to ia32-aptitude.

As for today for example, I have 195 packages to upgrade using
aptitude but ia32-aptitude only reports 157, does anyone knows why is

Thanks for all and congrats to Goswin for his effort.

Because of lack of communication during the development process the efforts of Goswin have been removed from Debian: the 'ia32-apt-get' and 'ia32-libs-tools' packages were removed from the archives by the FTP master, and Goswin's appeal of the removal was rejected. See bug #535645.

For now, the officially supported solution is 'ia32-libs' again. The officially-supported multiarch solution is on the way relatively soon, so you'll have to decide whether to keep Goswin's no-longer-official packages until it arrives, or remove Goswin's packages and go back to 'ia32-libs'.

You can read Steve Langasek's overview of the coming multiarch specification here:


Dave W.

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