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Re: What is the matter with the "http://people.debian.org/~rafael/skype-amd64/"?

A J Stiles wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 Jul 2009, James Brown wrote:
>> I know about ekiga and such but they do not serve for all my aims.
>> I (and many people in my country - Russia, when existing terrible and
>> bloody dictatorship of tyrants Putin and Medvedev ) need to have an
>> encrypted telephony either for calling to VoiP-phones or to ordinary
>> phones. But in the last case ekiga and SIP are not useful and the sources
>> of the Putins secret political police such "SORM" can control all my
>> outgoing calles through ekiga and SIP.
> Are you really so naïve as to think that Governments haven't paid the 
> developers of Skype to insert a backdoor?  That could explain part of the 
> reason why they are so dead set against anybody else getting their hands on 
> the Source Code.
> If it's encrypted telephony you want, you can always tunnell an IAX connection 
> through OpenSSH.  The only secrets then are the session keys; and when you 
> sever the connection, you can even publish the used keys, thus allowing you 
> plausibly to claim that any remaining encrypted data found on your system was 
> placed there afterward and re-datestamped.
1. How can I maintain my anonimity when establishing this connection?
How can I be sure that an owner of far host don't write logs and don't
give or sell or etc. them to the Government? I don't want let them know
not only about I talked but my ip-adress and my phisical location too.
2. How can I use this scheme when calling to ordinary telephones, mobile

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