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Re: ia32-apt-get and nvidia

On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 11:03:44AM +0200, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> I am looking for a solution for the following problem:
> I am running debian-amd/sid and my graphic card is using the nvidia-kernel and 
> nvidia-glx. Additionally I am using some commercial 32-bit applications, which 
> depend on ia32-libs, ia32-libs-gtk and nvidia-glx-ia32.
> The problem is, nvidia-glx-ia32 needs the packages ia32-libx11-6 and ia32-
> libxext6. Both are not in the repository, but I suppose, they are in the ia32-
> apt-get repository.

I managed to install them using ia32-apt-get, so yes it does work when does that way.

> But I cannot install ia32-apt-get, as it will deinstall my commercial 
> packages. Installing ia32-apt-get will also deinstall ia32-libs and ia32-libs-
> gtk. Well, I could reinstall them, but that would dienstall nvidia-glx-ia32!

What commercial package depends on those debian packages?

> I also cannot install the new kernel and build the newest nvidia-kernel-
> module, as its nvidia-glx-ia32 will not install: Missing libx11-6 and libxext.
> Even, from which point I look: Either I install ia32-apt-get, then I cannot 
> use my commercial applications (which I need!), or I leave it as it is at the 
> moment, then I cannot upgrade to a newer kernel (the latest nvidia-kernel does 
> not build on 2.6.29-kernel!). 

Well you either put ia32-libs on hold, or stick with testing until this
ia32 stuff gets finished.

> The main reason for this trouble are the missing packages ia32-libx11-6 and 
> ia32-libxext.
> A workaround may be, to download and install them manually. I will try this, 
> if someone can point me to a server, where I can get it.
> Maybe the dependencies of nvidia-glx-ia32 can be changed? Or even a dummy 
> package generated, to solve dependencies? In fact, even older nvidia-glx-ia32 
> package does need it to installation, but works without them.

Well no, because the dependancies are correct.  When tha ia32 stuff
gets resolved it should work again.  Until it is resolved we have no
idea what to change.

So using ia32-apt-get worked fine here, so if you have a package that
doesn't like ia32-apt-get, then you better figure out a way to get that
package fixed because it sure looks like ia32-apt-get is going to be
the future and ia32-libs is history.

So the solution is: use ia32-apt-get.  There isn't any other one right
now for unstable.

Len Sorensen

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