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Re: Printing messed up... Sid/CUPS

sorry: /etc/cups/cups.conf not /etc/cups/err.log

once again: 

* Kenward Vaughan schrieb:

> Somewhere in the last few updates of my Sid system I noticed that print
> jobs in process get lost if another job comes along behind it, whether

please post the corresponding section in cups_err.log in /var/log/cups/
You may increase debug level in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

And therefore exist a cups newsgroup. 

You're sure that jobs are lost? - Anyway cups leaves a small file 
cxxxxx with meta information (from who to which to printer)  in /var/spool/cups. 
Do these files exist? Whats in the files?  - If not, the jobs never have reached cups. 

I don't think that the kernel touches your problem.


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