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Printing messed up... Sid/CUPS

I'm posting this in amd64 now, as no response has yet come from the user
list, and there is at least a small chance someone here might know an
answer... ??


Somewhere in the last few updates of my Sid system I noticed that print
jobs in process get lost if another job comes along behind it, whether
from my own machine or another one on the LAN.  I have an HP 1200
(parallel) and use this machine as the CUPS server.  A current job of 4
pages might print 2, then the new job will come out and the rest of the
pages will be lost.

I don't recall this ever happening before so am at a loss about its
cause.  I don't see any error messages in the CUPS log relating to this,

I also recently upgraded my home-rolled kernel to version 2.6.29 if that
might have an effect.  I'm pretty sure I didn't change anything related
to this but...

Anyone have an idea what might have happened?  Is there a permissions
thing going on, perhaps?


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