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Re: AMD vs Intel in 2009

On Monday 15 June 2009 20:41:04 Dean Hamstead wrote:
> AMD cant beat the top end intels,
> But bang for buck in the mid and low range you can still do well with
> AMD. On the low range, its AMD all the way.
> Watch out on some of the AMD cpu's, as some of the qauds had nasty bugs.
> Would be worth your while to read some reviews on them before buying.

I second that. If you want the absolutely very top ( sounds nice eh ? :D ) of 
x86 hardware, then go with an, say, intel corei7 975.
But you're fine with a little less than it, then go for say, an amd phenon x4 
955. They're very nice chips too, and waaaaaay cheaper.

Core i7 975:

Phenom x4 955:

> Personally, i will be buying a phenom 2 black edition in the not too
> distant future.

Me too (an x4, actually), and some radeons to play with gpu <-> cpu stuff. 
Niiiiice ...

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