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Re: trying to watch a tv show from a web site....

On Sunday 10 May 2009, Michael Fothergill wrote:

> [stuff deleted]
> The blurb on the site says that they are using DRM (digital rights
> management) to keep out hackers but are probably also not helping linux
> users:
> "4oD Catch-Up uses Adobe's RTMP-E solution to prevent unauthorised access
> to Channel 4 programmes."
> What is RTMP-E?
> Is there any kind of video codec or some other package that I could install
> with synaptic (maybe non-free) to get this to work or is this only viewable
> in an MS Windows
> environment?

RTMP-E isn't a codec, it's a streaming protocol.  The underlying codec is just 
ordinary MPEG-4, which most things can deal with as long as you have ffmpeg 
installed and you built it with enable-gpl.

For awhile, get_iplayer  (http://www.linuxcentre.net/)  used to be able to 
download Channel 4 programmes.  The latest rtmpdump  
(https://sourceforge.net/projects/rtmpdump/)  (which get_iplayer uses)  can 
certainly handle rtmp-e.  I believe C4 have moved the goalposts since then, 
though, so the older version probably won't work anymore.

There's a faint glimmer of hope in that the latest get_iplayer is based on a 
modular architecture and supports plug-ins.  So it'd be worth watching the 
site to see if anyone volunteers to get channel four going again  (or you 
could have a go yourself).

Best of luck to you.  And don't forget, you have in your possession a piece of 
paper saying you're *entitled* to watch that show!

delta echo bravo six four at earthshod dot co dot uk

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