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trying to watch a tv show from a web site....

Dear Folks,

I am using Debian AMD64 squeeze on a Novatech box.  I went to http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/catch-up and clicked on a show that I missed being broadcast that I wanted to watch.....  It was the dispatches crash -how long will it last show by Will Hutton on the credit crunch. 

When I click on the file the box changes colour from black to grey but it doesn't go any further.

The blurb on the site says that they are using DRM (digital rights management) to keep out hackers but are probably also not helping linux users:

"4oD Catch-Up uses Adobe's RTMP-E solution to prevent unauthorised access to Channel 4 programmes."

What is RTMP-E?

Is there any kind of video codec or some other package that I could install with synaptic (maybe non-free) to get this to work or is this only viewable in an MS Windows

Comments appreciated.

Michael Fothergill


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