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Re: Where is the kernel?

On Mon, Jan 05, 2009 at 07:52:56PM -0600, Mark Allums wrote:
> The **** you say!  Is this why I can't get X going under vanilla 2.6.28? 
>  Any word on the ETA of the fixing of the breakage?

Well given the kernel isn't in unstable, it didn't seem like a problem
in need of a fix yet.  Now given I was thinking of going to 2.6.27 or 28
to try and fix my webcam and I want my nvidia card to stay working, it
may just have become an issue for me so I guess I should go work on the
next version and see when Randall wants to do something with it.

> What's the deal, anyway?  The nVidia blob installer tries to make like 
> it can't find the kernel headers, nor the compiled output.

I guess we could consider packaging up the 180.x driver in experimental
or something.  It is a beta driver though and generally those have not
been packaged up.  Usually we just patch the driver to work with newer
kernels when needed.

Len Sorensen

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