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Re: Where is the kernel?

On Mon, Jan 05, 2009 at 03:06:18PM -0600, Mark Allums wrote:
> Exactly.  That's why 2.6.27 should be more mainstream.  To reiterate the 
>  thoughts of millions of right-thinking people, 2.6.27 should be the 
> "official" Lenny kernel.  Or at least be packaged alongside 2.6.26 in 
> the final distribution as an alternative.

Well I certainly wouldn't object to 2.6.27 being the Lenny kernel, but I
have no say in that matter.

I have had some odd behaviour with 2.6.26 on a few machines that I can't
reproduce easily and hence haven't been able to file bug reports about.
2.6.25 seemed a lot better.  I haven't tried 27 or 28 yet.

Len Sorensen

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