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WinFast DTV2000 H TV tuner card on AMD64 port

Has anyone on this list successfully used the WinFast DTV2000 H TV tuner
card with the AMD64 port?

I am running the testing stream with the 2.6.26-1-amd64 kernel.

The card has a Conexant chipset and there are two versions, referred to
as I and J. The former works without a problem but is no longer available
in the local (Australian) market; the latter has undergone some changes to
make it compatible with Windows Vista and this appears to have affected
its Linux compatibilty.

I note, however, that the latest version of Ubuntu does detect the card
properly as number 68 on the list of those based on this chipset. This
version of Ubuntu is running a 2.6.27 kernel; the kernel I have is 2.6,26
and there are 67 cards with the Conexant chipset which are supported.

What I'd like to know is, will there be support for this card when the
2.6.27 kernel comes into the testing archives? Or is this something that
the Ubuntu people have done on their own? Can some developer provide
an insight into this?

(Sam Varghese)
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