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openvbox with wrong permissions ?

Dear maintainers,

I suppose, openvbox has got the wrong permissions. 

Please correct me, if I am wrong:

Whenever I start "openvbox" as a normal user, it failed due to wrong 
permissions. I examined the reason, and found ouit that /dev/openvbox has 
gote the permissions rw-rw--- with owner "root" and group "root". 

IMO it should be owner "root" and group "openvbox", and the user should be 
aded to group "openvbox".  As this device is created by udev, there should be 
added a rule in "permission-rules" of udev, such like 

KERNEL=="something"    GROUP=="openvbox"
SUBSYSTEM=="something"   GROUP=="openvbox"

(do not know, which one is the right one)

Otherwise, in case it might be wished by the mainatainers, that owner and 
group are set "root", so this is no bug at all.

If not, I will report it to bugreport. I will be happy of a response.




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