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Bug #1542 "ath5k ignores dhcp acks and offers"

Dear maintainers, 

please apologize my evoking to a bug of kernel module "ath5k" (this is the 
follow up of madwifi-driver).

I am wondering, why this bug is still open, although the kernel-version 
meanwhile is changed.

Must I reopen this bug ? I made up a ticket on the "madwifi"-site,where it is 
still open. As I can only test with debian-amd64, so I would be pleased, if 
someone could confirm this bug on an 32-bit-system. 

Must I eventually report an additionally bugreport directly to the 
debian-amd64 bugreports ?

If you are still working on it, so ignore my mail and apologize the noise.

Best regards

Hans-J. Ullrich

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