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Re: How would I get debian unstable?

Scrive annne annnie <goturtwig@yahoo.com>:

> Hi, I'm the one who asked about getting unstable and the different
> distributions compared to debian.  I have a few more questions, sorry.
> First question:  How would I reply correctly so that my reply is still
> in the same topic?
> Someone mentioned something about apt-get upgrade causing locked
> packages that won't get upgraded or something...  thats the kind of
> stuff I want to learn.  How would I learn about how debian works and
> how to configure it all?  All I have been doing so far is just googling
> the problems I have run into, but I'm not really learning anything.
> Also, when you guys say SUSe do you mean openSuSE?  Because I would
> like to try it out, but the only one I could find out how to download
> was openSuSE.
> Last question(s), is there a unix one I could get for free?  Are they
> similar to linux?  What are the differences?

1st answer: use "reply to all" :)

2nd answer: every packages have doc&man

3rd answer: I suppose yes...

4th answer: how kind of "unix" do you mean?

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