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RE: m-a auto install failed with new kernel.....

> There is no 'nv' subdir in the current version.  Only 169.12-1 had the
> nv subdir and it doens't work with 2.6.25.  Get the current version of
> the packages first.  169.12-3 or 169.12-4 (whichever we are now at).

Thanks, I got the new packages and I now have the nvidia card working again.

I don't want to download and install the next kernel when it is released.

If I comment out the sid respository entries in the apt.sources file will I be able to stop kernel no 26 or whatever it would be from being installed on the machine?
If so the lenny updates ought to still appear from time to time but I should be able to have a kernel that has a working nvidia card for the foreseeable future on this laptop shouldn't I.



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> Len Sorensen



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