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Re: Several bugs dicovered: hald (or laptop-mode) and kded

On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 08:31:12PM +0200, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> Dear maintainers,
> I discovered two little bugs, but I do not know, whom to report to, as I do 
> not know, to which package it belongs.
> So I hope, the responsible maintainer might read it.
> 1. laptop-mode ist starting to early by default, or hald is starting to late. 
> At boot I can see, that laptop-mode wants to get access to hald, but at this 
> time, hal demaon ist not started. It will be started later in the boot 
> process. So, I think, one of the start points should be altered per default. 
> Which one ? I do not know....

I suggest you file the bug against laptop-mode-tools.

If you want you can also file it against the two packages, but I'm
not sure if the tool for reporting bugs allow that.

> 2. When starting KDE, and using kwallet, it is recommended, to enter the 
> passwort in the opening window, as soon as it is starting. 
> If you will not do it, and you are waiting some minutes (i.e. when your 
> telephone rings), then the process "kded" amounts 100 percent of cpu-power.
> I do not know, to which package aor application the process "kded" is 
> belonging to. I hope, one of the maintainers know.
> If someone can tell me, which packages are involved, I will be pleased, to 
> file a bugreport.

There is an /usr/bin/kded in kdelibs4c2a
and an /usr/bin/kded4 in kdelibs-bin.  You probably want the first.  If
it's wrong, people will reassign the bug.

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