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Re: ia32 library repository

Hi, all.

I'll be changing the components from ia32 to main, contrib and non-free
in a couple of hours or less. The line'd be:

deb lenny main contrib non-free

I managed to run some ppc programs (several core utils, xeyes, glxgears
without dri) using qemu-ppc and some i386 programs using qemu-i386 over
qemu-ppc (several core utils but bash, xeyes, glxgears without dri). So
basically the multiarch scheme works but isn't usable yet.

Changes are needed in glibc and qemu. I've submitted enough bugs however
that need to be addressed first, so I'll freeze the work. Besides,
developing with cross compiling and double emulation is far from an
ideal environment and, surprisingly, powerpc users didn't seem
interested. There's no need to start distributing custom glibcs and
qemus around.

Scripts apart, the only issue remaining is to wait. After some weeks
(probably less than a month), I'll contact Alex M. to increase the
bandwidth and then the ftp-masters to find out their judgement.


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