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Re: Installing own packages with aptitude

Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
Hi all, I would like to install some selfmade or downloaded packages on my system using apt or aptitude. These are packages, which are experimental or 3rd-party (like my printer driver), and which is no repository for. All packages are installable with dpkg -i by hand, and all packages shall reside in a special directory (i.e. /var/cache/apt/archive2/ ). How must be the syntax in /etc/apt/sources.list ? I suppose, it is something like

deb file:///var/cache/apt/archive2/	./

Another question:

Is there a way to install those packages, even it has the wrong architecture ? If I do it manually this is working of course, (using dpkg -i --force-architecture) , but is there a way to handle it automatically ? The background is, that the closed-source-driver for my printer (Brother MFC210c) is only available as an I386-package, but not as an amd64-package. Although, it is working perfectly on amd64-systems !

Best regards


This is not my best effort: I sent this to Hans by mistake, resent it but to the wrong list. Now, hopefully, I have sent this to the right list. Original messages following:


Sorry I sent this to you by mistake.  I resent this to the list:


I only know one part of what you ask:  dpkg -i --force-architecture

see dpkg --help and dpkg --force-help

I use this to install skype (ony 32bit version available) and a few
things  which it depends on (also 32bit versions)


Damon L. Chesser

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