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about my commission

Hello Sir,
I've deposited the cheque you sent from your client The bank has called me to advise the 
money £10,000,000.00GBP is cleared and available for withdrawal,how do we cut out our 
profit first before moving the money to the company account?
Because since last time I've been enquiring about those money transfer service agents 
you said to use to send the bit by bit, Western Union and MoneyGram,Paypal and I was 
told they wouldn't transfer money to your country from here anymore that is financial 
policy how do I instruct the bank to wire the money to you?,as you suggested earlier 
that you would give them if needed your account details, or do you suggest to move in 
the money to an offshore correspondent account to facilitate the transfer?, I would like 
to do all these today or tomorrow with the my limited time.It would take me hours to 
drive to the nearest office, the bank only open Monday through Friday and I would leave 
work to do that, The earliest I can take a day off from work,would be in three weekstime 
if I failed to do it now.
The money should hit your a/c soon after you send the information,providing you get it 
to me within the week. I believe our discussion remains as we concluded it for my 
commission in your profit I should have deduct my share and send the balance but this 
money must hit your a/c before any withdrawal,the instruction attached.

Brand Harry.

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