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RE: Debian amd64 from the net: Installation failed

> Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 13:18:21 +0100
> From: cobe571@gmail.com
> To: mikef20000@hotmail.com
> Subject: Re: Debian amd64 from the net: Installation failed
>>Hmm...  I have had problems from time to time downloading CD and DVD images from the repositories>using jigdo -  occasionally it failed due to some missing files.  I think I solved it by changing to a different>mirror site.
> I'm tryng any mirror... nothing!!!
>>Are you using a net install CD?  You can also start a net install off from some floppy disks if you are>using a really old machine.
> I use a net install CD, yes...
>>What sort of box are you using?
> amd sempron 64 1.81Ghz
>>When you say you only have one machine, is there any other OS on it?  Are you trying to set up a dual>boot situation with e.g. MS Windows and Debian Etch?
> I don't have other OS like winzoz on the PC. to write this mail I'm using a little laptop with debian etch i386 and i've not any problem. but I want my 64 bit pc... damn'it!

OK....  So you do have another machine and it is running etch i386....  But you bought a 64 bit box and are trying to install the amd64 version of Etch on it.  Fair enough.  

>>If you do have MS Windows working on part of the machine at present, you could use e.g. jigdo or>bittorrent etc to download the CD or DVD images for Debian instead of doing a net install if it doesn't>seem to work.  You wouldn't need to download all the CD or DVD's.....
> I've already dowloaded any cd images for 64bit but do not run.

Hang on a minute here.  When you say you already downloaded some 64 bit CD images, which ones were they?  If you only downloaded the netinstall CD, then you need to check it has no errors on it.

I have downloaded iso files for Linux distributions in the past and burned the CDs and then discovered they had errors on them caused by imperfect CD copying of the data.

Provided enough of the netinstall CD is perfectly burned to run the Debian installer then you can run it and then select for the integrity option to get the installer to scan all the way through the CD to check that it was produced perfectly with no copying errors.  If there any errors on it then the installation process won't work and you won't be able to install the OS.

You say you also copied other CD images.  The same thing is needed here.  I scan every CD I have burned using the installer to check the integrity of each copied image.  Only then do I try to install the OS.

Hope this helps.


Michael Fothergill

>>The first DVD image would probably be enough.  It would take a bit longer but then you can install the>OS from the DVD.  Providing you get the whole image intact (check in the Debian installer with the CD>integrity option) then you won't get missing file error messages etc.
> I use wget for the download... I'm not a microzoftzzz user.
> best regards.

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