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Re: [OT?] initrd + suspend/resume on lvm partition?

On Tue, Dec 11, 2007 at 05:15:33PM +0100, Giacomo Mulas wrote:
> I recently upgraded the hard disk on my amd64 laptop and, since I was at it,
> I decided to give a spin to LVM partitions. I made use of the guided
> partitioning in the etch installer to do it, and it made a small /boot and
> the rest in a large volume group including both / and swap partition. I
> recovered my fully working sid install from backups, and after a small
> amount of fiddling had my system back up and running on the new disk. The
> only thing which does not seem to work ok is hibernation: I can hibernate
> the system ok, but the yaird-generated init ram disk is then unable to
> resume, apparently because it attempts resuming before setting up lvm. Short
> of hand-modifying the init ram disk, is it possible to configure
> yaird so that the init ram disk it generates loads lvm before attempting to
> resume from an hibernation?
> Mkinitramfs apparently does this right, but it also loads udev before
> hand-configured modules, which I want to avoid, since I must load a dummy
> device _with some module parameters_ before automatically loaded modules.
> So at the moment I boot off a mkinitramfs initrd, but every time I have to
> unload some modules, load dummy, reload those modules (not very nice).

Well I tried yaird in the past and it really sucked then.  mkinitramfs
worked much better, so I stuck with that.  Perhaps you could tell it
somewhere in it's config files to load the driver you want, since it
does have verious spots for hooks to be inserted into it.  That would
probably be the correct way to solve things.

Len Sorensen

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