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Re: Skype 2.0 beta on debian sid amd64?

>> I want to use the skype 2.0 beta .deb package on my debian amd64 sid
>> system.
>> I saw hell a lot of guides hwoto use chroot, but I don't want a chroot!
>> Any guide available which is simple enough (e.g. just install some .deb
>> and it works?)?
> Tecnically, you can't simply install the .deb in the 64-bit system, as
> it is for a 32-bit debian. In practice, you can try
> --force-architecture (or something similar), but there is no guarantee
> that there are packages with the 32-bit libraries that Skype needs,
> and even if there are, it might simply not work.

I have always had problem with force-architechture next time I try to
upgrade. I have been running the static version of skype directly in my 64
bit system. I copy the binary to /usr/local/bin and run it without any
problems or chroot.

I just installed 2.0 beta. The 32-bit libXss.so.1* must be copied to
/emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib and then it runs smoothly.

Hope it helps

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